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My name is Angelika von Klein (it's ok - my friends call me Angie Darlink!) All my adult life I have been drawn to the unusual and the eclectic. I have always gone off the beaten track to find that piece of uniquness that satisfies my soul. Sometimes, old, and sometimes new, sometimes very low priced and occasionally a bit more than I could have afforded at the time.
 aLT d0T eDgE consists of a growing but curated list of those products and producers who I think you will find interesting. We have a search engine directory powered by Google and of course this helps bring added and valuable exposure to our suppliers and also makes it easier for independent spirits to find what they are searching and yearning for.

We want Alt Dot edge to be a celebration of the unusual and the eclectic. It's why we call it the Eclectic Market Place. We salute those smaller niche artisans, craftspeople and micro retailers who often find it difficult to consistently find people like you and I.

Alt Dot Edge is the Eclectic Market Place - a place where you can find the unusual, different, custom and artisan goods sold by producers and micro retailers. A celebration of the uniqueness of independent spirits. We are updating our search directory every day - so each time you visit you will be able to find something that you didn't spot yesterday!

If you have a business and / or make products that you think could appeal to our independently minded followers then you can submit your details for listing reviews. Once approved you will appear in our search engine directories and social media channels - bringing you added and incremental exposure. There is no charge for this - unlike other market places we want to help you not exploit you. It's simple - if you meet our criteria you are then a part of our Alt Dot Edge - and a Coalition of the Thrilling!

Sometimes things don't always go as planned and circumstances change. If you have encountered a problem on the Alt Dot Edge site or perhaps you are a listed business who has ceased trading or whose needs have changed - then simply send us an email to - and explain what you want us to do.

We have a number of scheduled promotional and marketing support programs that are both online and offline. 

If you would like to find out more about increasing your reach and building your business then please email us at - please put b2b in your subject line.

Thank you.



For those souls among us who just can’t help being drawn to the unusual, the different and the downright hard to find!


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